Testimonials from Professionals


“The first major message in this book is that taking care of oneself first and foremost is vital to sustain our own health so that we are in the best position to help our loved one… As you work your way through this book, I am sure you will feel Bharati’s heart and soul coming through her pen. Her candidness and generosity in sharing her experience and hard-won wisdom in offering reflections to ease your journey is evident on every page.”

-   June Alexander, Author of Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders; The Diary Healer


“Bharati has produced a remarkable opportunity for parents and loved ones to focus on the present.   Having been-there and done-that, she suggests specific things that parents and loved ones that can do to focus on what is happening right-here, right-now.  Her guided workbook, the fruit of unshakable maternal love and deep-rooted wisdom, provides a practical path to the sometimes-difficult task of staying in the now.”

-   Richard E. Kreipe, MD, FAAP, FSAHM, FAED and Medical Director, Western NY Comprehensive Care Center for Eating Disorders


“During my 46 years of practice in Pediatrics I observed with consternation the change in young girls after the first decade of life.  Previously confident, happy and creative; the children often lost these attributes with eating disorders sitting atop this iceberg.  Combining her own journal of reflections with an outline of parent self-examination and support, Bharati has provided a much-needed resource for caretakers and clinicians of children with eating disorders.”

-   Dr. David Kotok, MD, Pediatrics Specialist